Ex-congresswoman shares bloody pic of Border Patrol agent after alleged migrant attack

A former Republican congresswoman from Texas has posted a shocking photograph of a bloodied Border Patrol agent – claiming he was attacked by a migrant along the US-Mexico border.

Mayra Flores, 37, the wife of a Border Patrol agent, shared the gory image of the fed in her social media accounts Sunday, and described what she claimed led to his injuries.


“The suspect was labeled a rat by the cartels and fought against the agent until backup arrived,” Flores wrote. “Please pray for our men and women in uniform.”

The Border Patrol agent above was attacked by a migrant, former Texas Republican congresswoman Maya Flores claimed Sunday.
Mayra Flores / Facebook

The former lawmaker and current candidate, who was the first Mexican-born woman to serve in the House, also posted an image of the wounded migrant, whose forehead apparently bore a marking etched by a Mexican drug cartel.

In July, Flores launched a comeback bid after losing her seat to Democratic Rep. Vicente Gonzalez.


“Our values align with the Republican Party. Our values align. I am pro-God, pro-life, pro-family. The Democrat Party stands against everything we stand for,” she said at her campaign launch, according to Politico.

Meanwhile, video posted by The Associated Press showed about 5,000 mostly Venezuelan migrants jumping to action when a train arrived on the outskirts of the central Mexican city of Irapuato.

“Come up! Come up!” some migrants atop the train shouted at those below who hoped to catch a ride to Mexico’s border with the US.


When the train arrived Saturday, “Ferromex” was painted on many of the cars.

The wounded migrant “was labeled a rat by the cartels,” Flores wrote.
Mayra Flores / Facebook

Police were stationed around the area where the migrants had been waiting, but when the train stopped for a half-hour there was no attempt to stop the migrants from jumping aboard.

The freight trains — known collectively as “The Beast” — have long been used by migrants despite violence from drug cartels and the peril that comes with riding atop them.

Venezuelan migrant Mayela Villegas, her partner and their six kids had spent three days sleeping on the ground before the train arrived.


In August, the US. Border Patrol made 181,509 arrests at the border, up 37% from July but little changed from August 2022 and well below the high of over 220,000 in December, according to figures released Friday.

The Biden administration has called on Mexico and Central American nations to control migrants and now requires the asylum seekers to register through an app known as CBP One.

On Thursday, the administration announced it would grant temporary protected status to nearly a half-million more Venezuelans already in the country.