Pro-Family Values DESTROYED!

The headline you could see if the Homosexual Lobby’s Gay Bill of Special Rights (H.R. 2282 & S. 1006) becomes law.

And the deadline for Public Advocate’s Pro-Family Emergency Defense Fund to stop this radical bill is midnight tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we’re still short of our $30,000 goal.

This is huge for Public Adovcate, because every dollar counts when we’re up against the deep pockets of the Homosexual Lobby.

You see, through years of battling on the frontlines, my staff and I have learned to make the most of shoestring budgets.

For just a few thousand dollars, Public Advocate can effectively target millions of people and significantly impact public opinion with our issue discussion campaigns.

Public Advocate is America’s most effective grassroots defender of Religious Liberty, pro-Family Values, and Real Marriage.

And with the Homosexual Lobby’s pride and joy — the Gay Bill of Special Rights, lurking in the shadows — I need your support like never before.

The Gay Bill of Special Rights would create an iron-clad, federally protected class based on an individual’s perverse sexual behavior.

Homosexuals, transsexuals, and even pedophiles will be given special privileges about a whole host of behaviors.

Employers will be forced to give applicants and employees in this “protected group” special preferences.

Any homosexual fired or not hired will become a potential federal discrimination lawsuit.

And this bill will soon muzzle Christians across the workforce.

Christian speech in the workplace — such as opposing gay “marriage” or quoting Scripture — would give homosexual coworkers instant grounds to complain that they are being harassed or discriminated against.

That’s why my staff and I launched the Pro-Family Emergency Defense Fund to raise the funds necessary to fight back against this perverse agenda.

And with so-called “conservatives” in Congress, like House Speaker Paul Ryan, secretly working with the Homosexual Lobby, we need to make sure that Public Advocate is ready for any attack on Traditional Values.

If I fail to meet our $30,000 fundraising goal, Public Advocate will be bringing a knife to a gunfight.

The values you and I cherish will be at the mercy of the Homosexual Lobby and their agenda.

And all I will be able to do is watch as the final nail is pounded into the Traditional Values coffin.

That’s why I’m asking — no, begging — you to support Public Advocate’s fight to defend our values before it’s too late.

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