February 19, 2018

The Homosexual Lobby marches through the We must stop them. The Homosexual Lobby’s radical plan to completely destroy Religious Liberty has been revealed. Thousands of the Homosexual Lobby’s operatives, from groups like the National LGBTQ […]


Merkel Votes Against Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

July 9, 2017

Angela Merkel has voted against same-sex marriage in Germany because she believes that “marriage is between a man and woman.” Despite her opposition, the Bundestag voted to legalize equal marriage by 393 votes to 226, […]


Liberal Hero Says No To Gay Marriage

July 2, 2017

German chancellor Angela Merkel is frequently cited by angry liberals as the new “leader of the free world” after President Trump’s—but they’re not going to like her latest stance on gay marriage. On Friday, Merkel […]


Pro-Family Values DESTROYED!

June 4, 2017

The headline you could see if the Homosexual Lobby’s Gay Bill of Special Rights (H.R. 2282 & S. 1006) becomes law. And the deadline for Public Advocate’s Pro-Family Emergency Defense Fund to stop this radical […]


Snickers promotes LGBT with new rainbow wrapper

March 30, 2017

Snickers will depict its chocolate bars in rainbow wrappers as part of a pro-LGBT ad campaign. In a piece for Gay Star News, Mitch Oliver, the UK vice president of marketing for Mars candy company, announced […]