1. Freedom Rings: Show 238, Blizzard and Kevin Hart Tommy Freedom 30:00
  2. PAUL FROMM, THE FIGHTING SIDE OF ME, September 12, 2018 1:00:23
  3. Word of Truth - Make America Repent Again 50:12
  4. Stories With Grandma 100 15:00
  5. Word of Truth Embrace Proclaim Remain 41:22
  7. 35 Sec. Negative Propaganda Influences Your Children - Listen to Grandma Stories 0:35
  8. 18sec-Just Say No 0:18
  9. 30 minute block praise music 29:59
  10. Word of Truth - Thank God for America 50:29
  11. 17 Sec. History of Virginia and US Presidents 0:17
  12. 44 Sec. What is Liberty. Freedom Forum Commercial 0:44


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Law & Order

DOJ Affirms Literature Distribution Legal Activity

December 10, 2018
In recent months, the Knights Party through its attorney,Jason Robb, of the Robb Law Firm based in Harrison, Arkansas, has sent legal opinion letters to several states throughout the Eastern Coast as a result ofliterature [...]

Anti Christian

Daily Video

Daily Kenn and White Privilege

April 5, 2018
A robust discussion of white privilege: does it exist, what is it, why is the concept promoted – with Kenn Gividen, Rachel Pendergraft, and Stefan Verstappen.
Daily Video

Rachel Pendergraft on the Daily Kenn Show

April 5, 2018
On this episode of the Daily Kenn Show Bill Johnson, Stefan Verstappen, Rachel Pendergraft and Kenn Daily discuss top stories including: Is hate speech losing its impact.


Atlanta elementary school says it will no longer do the pledge of allegiance – but students WILL stand each morning for a ‘wolf pack chant’

An Atlanta elementary school announced that students will no longer have to say the Pledge of Allegiance during morning meetings, and will instead recite a ‘Wolf Pack Chant’. Lara Zelski, the principal of Atlanta Neighborhood [...]